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Flowers have this power that can easily change the mood of a person. It can be the colour of their petals, the scent or just their appearance in broad daylight. Whatever the reason may be, giving some flowers to someone will make them feel special and happy no matter the event. 

If you are planning to give a loved one some flowers today, below is a list of the best types that will undoubtedly complete their day:

  1. Rose

Roses are the go-to type of flower that you can give to someone and make them feel special. Their red petals signify the passion you have for them, and at the same time, it greatly summarises your feelings. When giving it as a gift, one rose strand is enough to make your loved ones feel happy, but gifting an entire bouquet will complete their day.

Aside from that, roses also come in different colours like white, orange, pink and yellow. Moreover, each one of these has different meanings which you can see from the list below:

  • Red – It signifies love and adoration
  • White – It signifies purity 
  • Orange – It signifies respect
  • Pink – It signifies adoration and softness
  • Yellow – It signifies appreciation, joy and friendship
  1. Carnations

The second type of flower that you can give to someone is a carnation. This has similar qualities to a rose, especially when it comes to the curling of its petals. Although, the difference lies in the thick base of the former, which allows itself to hold more sepals. Aside from that, carnations bloom wider than roses hence their wide appearance. 

In terms of meaning, carnations are great to convey your love, purity and admiration for the person. Giving them an entire bouquet of this flower will surely make them feel that they are special in your life.  

  1. Sunflower

You can never go wrong with giving someone a sunflower because this will undoubtedly make them happy. The wide base of this flower is its centrepiece, which draws you in to look deeply into its core. At the same time, sunflowers have the prettiest small yellow petals that surround their pupils.

Sunflowers are easily decorated when you choose to give them in a bouquet. Adding other flowers and garnishes to your selection will transform the gift into a bundle of joy. The moment you present this to your loved ones, you will instantly see the smiles reach their cheekbones.

  1. Tulips

Tulips signify joy and renewal, which is perfect as a gift for someone who is starting anew in their lives. These come in a wide variety of colours, but their opacity will always stay soft. At the same time, the green colour of the leaves and stalks of tulips greatly complements the petals present in your bouquet.

Aside from that, tulips rarely open their petals for you to see what is inside them. You would always see its sepals closed and knitted with one another. Despite this lack of bloom, this quality creates a sense of softness and delicacy that motivates you to handle them with care. By giving them away to someone special, the action sends out a message that you see them as someone important in your life and that you want to provide them with care.

  1. Lavender

If you know someone who is stressed all the time, then you should try giving them a bouquet of lavender flowers. This gift packs a strong scent that will calm their nerves the moment they start to sniff the petals. The science behind this is that the aroma of this flower activates certain neurotransmitter receptors in your brain. As a result, your mind expands and allows you to calm down from an anxious situation. 

Aside from its relaxing qualities, the petals of lavenders are pleasing to look at because of their purple tones. Paired with the green stalks, this type of flower presents a pretty colour palette that lets your eyes get a break from the dull things on earth. 

Giving a bouquet of lavender flowers to your loved ones will send them a message that they are your safe space where you can be yourself. This kind gesture allows them to appreciate your existence more and value your presence in their lives.

  1. Dandelions

A lot of people think that dandelions are not flowers since they are a type of weed. While this is true, you have to look at this plant in a subjective case because there is more than what meets the eye. Dandelions also belong to the flowering group because they too also have the qualities of a flower. Instead of petals, they have cotton-like strands that are soft and delicate. A soft wind can easily blow them away from their stalks. 

Giving a bouquet or a jar full of dandelions to someone will make them happy because they have something to take care of. While most flowers require you to put them in vases, dandelions need extra attention due to their delicate nature. This, in turn, motivates you to store them in a room where no wind can enter. 

Dandelions do not have a fixed meaning when it is given as a gift to someone. The receiver can think of anything about the gesture, which further promotes its subjectiveness.

  1. Orchids

If someone happens to give you orchids as a present, you should cherish them more. This is because orchids are hard to grow and maintain due to their demanding nature. They need to be hanged and intertwined with wood pieces to support their growth. At the same time, orchids need special fertilizers to maintain their diet and nutrients. In other words, orchids are the most expensive flowers to give, and giving them to someone means a lot.

Aside from their complicated nature, orchids are one of the flower types that bloom beautifully. Their petals are multicoloured, which makes your eyes wander through their colour placements. When this flower is given to you, they do not come in the form of bouquets since their bodies are too thin to support the petals. Instead, they can be given to you in jars, boxes or a beautiful piece of wood decorated with multiple garnishes.

  1. Sweet pea

Make someone’s day more meaningful and complete when you give them a bouquet of sweet peas. This type of flower comes in different colours, and their most common arrangement is combining all flowers into one package. The rainbow or spectrum effect of this gift will take the breath away of the receiver.

How to take care of your flowers

If you happen to be the person who received a bouquet, it would be nice to preserve and prolong their freshness for a couple more days. To do so, here are some tips on caring for your flowers:

  1. Place them inside a vase full of water immediately

Flowers are freshly picked from their shrubs or bushes, which shortens their mortality. To extend their lives, make sure to immediately place them in a vase full of water. This will keep them hydrated and fresh, which slows down the ageing process.

  1. Change the water once a day

Now that you have your flowers hydrated, you need to ensure that the quality of water they receive is fresh too. With that said, make it a habit to change the water inside the vase at least once a day. This prevents any pests from starting to form a nest within the vase, and it will also remove any dirt present in the water. 

  1. Trim the ends first before putting them inside the vase

Before you place your flowers in the vase, make sure to give their stalk ends a trim. Doing so provides a new and unblocked pathway for the water to come up to the petals. As such, the flowers will not have a hard time keeping themselves hydrated throughout time. 

  1. Cut out any dying leaves or petals

When you see any dying leaves or petals, remove them immediately so that they will not affect the healthy ones. Seeing black spots or wrinkles on your flowers can indicate that they have caught a disease, which can be harmful to the other parts of the stalk. 

  1. Provide ample sunlight

Flowers also need sunlight because this is the source of their food aside from water. This gives them everything they need to support themselves, and removing the source will let them wither in an instant. 

  1. Flower pressing

In case your flowers are starting to wilt, one of the best ways of preservation is by pressing the petals and leaves in thick heavy books. Doing so will keep their shape intact, and it gives a vintage feeling that is perfect for saving memory.

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