Healthy pizza brand uses alternative marketing

Healthy pizza brand uses alternative marketing

by Haliemeh Sweidan

SHARJAH- Jeff Leach, co-founder of the New Orleans, Louisiana (US)-based Naked Pizza brand, spoke about his use of social networks in marketing techniques in the chemistry building auditorium on Oct. 5.

Leach said that new times call for new marketing techniques, making Facebook and Twitter valuable tools for entrepreneurs, as they allow the consumers to follow their company closely and learn about their products. They also allow investors a look at how a company is running. In fact, Leach’s Tweets have attracted an investor.

Leach, who was inspired by his daughter’s diagnosis with diabetes at 18 months, uses such new technology and media to promote what he says is the “healthiest pizza in the world”.

“Welcome to the new millennium”, Leach said, stressing that, in order to be successful and distinguished, an entrepreneur must have a message to send along with a product. He also explained that, in this day and age, transparency is key to attracting customers.

Naked Pizza is opening two stores in Dubai later this year under the name NKD Pizza. The name was altered to be respectful and considerate of the UAE’s culture. He is currently working with area investors and has plans to open 50 units in the GCC over the next five years.

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Healthy pizza brand uses alternative marketing

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